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How to Feel More Comfortable on a First Date

With the right attitude, you can enjoy yourself in any situation, especially a first date! After all, dating is meant to be fun and exciting! Here are some practical steps to take before, during, and after your date to increase your comfort level.

Steps to take before your first date:

1. Keep yourself healthy. Everything is less stressful if you take good care of your health. You know the drill: Ensure that you regularly get adequate sleep and rest, eat a healthy diet, and make exercise part of your daily routine.

2. Let go of unrealistic expectations. Not every encounter has to be a love connection. Celebrate your willingness to take risks and enjoy getting to know someone new. You may make a new friend or just practice your dating skills.

3. Plan some low-key activities. No matter where you live, there are lots of options for a first date that will encourage you to have a good time.

  • Make it a daytime date. For a first meeting, you may want to get together for lunch or a cup of coffee. This way, you can keep it brief. You can always make plans for your second date if you discover that you want to spend more time together.

  • Share in a fun activity. Rent a paddleboat or go rock climbing. Visit a museum or stroll through a public garden.

4. Wear something comfortable. You'll feel more relaxed if you wear an outfit that you know is flattering. Knits or stylish jeans can make you feel comfortable and look polished.

5. Keep yourself SAFE. Stay in public and let someone know the DETAILS about your date: who, what, why, when, where.

Steps to take during your first date:

1. Prepare some small talk. Ensure that the conversation will flow smoothly by preparing some topics in advance. Check the news for interesting stories or relate an interesting experience from your own life. Sharing an activity on a date provides a natural topic of conversation.

2. Focus on the other person. Switching your attention to another person is always a great way to make you feel more positive. Ask open-ended questions that make it easy for your date to talk about their background and aspirations.

3. Offer to share expenses. It's always courteous to offer to share expenses. If the other person asked you out and now wants to pay for everything, accept graciously. You can always return the favor by treating them the next time you go out or by getting them a small gift.

4. Plan your departure. It's natural to feel awkward about how to say goodbye. If you don't want to kiss or hug, put out your hand to shake. Decide if you want to get together again so you'll be ready to encourage or deflect making future plans.

Steps to take after your first date:

1. Treat yourself to something enjoyable. Give yourself something to look forward to after your date.

  • If you love to talk things over, plan to review the experience with a friend. A quick chat can help you clarify your impressions and get another perspective on how things went.

  • Reward yourself with something you love. It can be as simple as a bubble bath or watching a favorite movie. Dating can be challenging so keep your spirits up by giving yourself the encouragement you deserve.

2. Avoid over-analyzing the date. Stay positive by avoiding any tendency to exaggerate the importance of trivial details. Be sensitive to the other person's wishes, but express your interest in continuing to see each other if that is what you want.

A first date doesn't have to cause anxiety if you take a proactive approach to making things comfortable for yourself and others. Let go of your worries and enjoy yourself!



Tampa Love Muse

MAY 2022

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