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What is a "relationshop" ?!

A SHOP is a specialized place where we take something to FIX itENHANCE it, and/or simply MAINTAIN it.

We need to FIX, ENHANCE, and/or MAINTAIN our relationships, too, including the relationship with ourselves

[through learning & practicing communication skills, strategies, & tools for happier, healthier relationships]!


The Love Relationshop designs events & workshops
to help you improve your skills to 
to what you've always wanted it to be!

[whether or not you're currently in a relationship]
Get what you truly desire and deserve. And YES, YOU DESERVE AN AMAZING LOVE - FILLED LIFE! 



1.  Learn incredible skills, concepts, and knowledge:

  • explore your inner mind/brain, heart, and soul 

  • identify your true authentic self under layers of expectations, obligations, guilt, shame, and fear

2.  Increase your emotional intelligence, consciousness, integrity, and authenticity:

  • accept and take responsibility for your actions/reactions when triggered in the past and present

  • practice your new skills [with SUPPORT] in a judgement-free zone

3. Become the person you felt you were always meant to be:


  • feel OPEN and LIGHT as you act from a place of love and acceptance

  • allow love and acceptance from others, towards others, and towards yourself [self-love]

4.  Co-create relationships for more play, stronger love, and deeper intimacy:

  • "fine tune" some elements to get running at "peak performance" --like in a "repair shop"

  • build deep friendships with like-minded people wanting self-growth and increased emotional intelligence


1.  We teach communication & relationship SKILLS in a way you can learn, practice, & apply immediately...

       -----> to increase satisfaction within any relationship.


2.  We help you learn how to identify your needs & work through your TRIGGERS...

        -----> not being offended or irritated is paramount to being secure & happy inside.


3.  We find incredible information about LOVE from experts in psychology [mind]& neuroscience[brain]...

        -----> and present it in bite sized chunks so you can easily learn, apply, & grow.


4.  We're here to guide & support you PRACTICING your new skills so they become habits...

        -----> whether you currently have a partner or not.

Most people don't budget for self-development or invest in their relationships!

Did you know that most people spend MORE TIME picking out an insurance provider, a job, a house, a car, OR even a pet than they do picking out a LIFE PARTNER?!?  Isn't that CRAZY? 

Then they settle on a partner SOLELY on physical attraction/chemistry instead of compatibility [physical, intellectual, spiritual, AND emotional compatibility.], communication, collaboration, consideration, safety, trust, autonomy, empathy, understanding, financial goals, and general life design & direction.  Since most people don't budget for self-improvement ... like learning new relationship or communication skills...they end up repeating the same patterns over and over again with new people.  Each time they think the relationship didn't work because of "the other person".  This can be exhausting and frustrating for everyone around them.

And COUPLES tend to spend lots of time and money on the wedding [rings, dress/tux, food/drinks, venue, entertainment, honeymoon, etc.] and life AROUND the relationship [i.e. home, vehicles, vacations, clothes, food, entertainment, utilities, children, etc.]...and then on DIVORCE.


That's because, once married, most couples don't actually BUDGET for dating or improving their marriage even though research shows that by doing things like routinely dating your mate, you will have better communication, more appreciation, more intimacy, better sex, more connection, and less stress!  This is probably why we have over 50% divorce rate in the US...and substantially higher for 2nd, 3rd, 4th marriages.

The Love Relationshop, LLC is a new and unique business concept that

Erica Sandquist is really R-E-V-V-E-D UP about designing, developing, launching, leading, AND eventually expanding.  


There are SO MANY other fun metaphors and analogies between relationships, motorcycles, and repair shops! Just rolling with the PUNS, innuendos, and the sheer sex appeal is half the fun for Erica as she builds this site and program.  The other half of the fun is providing an amazing resource to those in the TAMPA area. ♡


You can learn and practice the TOOLS you need to FINE TUNE your relationship 

vrrrooommmm vrrrooommmm! ;) 


The word "relationshop" is a made-up word that is the combination of the words "relationship" and "workshop" because we offer communication & relationship-themed workshops and events.


❤ Additionally, a "shop" is a place we take something to fix it, enhance it, or simply maintain it -- just like we need to do with RELATIONSHIPS --including the relationship with ourselves! 


Therefore The Love Relationshop, LLC is where we learn AND practice relationship/communication skills, strategies, and tools for happier, healthier partnerships. And honestly, you can work on your skills whether you are currently in a romantic relationship or not. [Find out more below.]


Being 100% direct, while this "motorcycle repair shop" is the metaphorical theme of our business, we are NOT a biker's group

nor a repair shop.   And while we provide dates in an event like setting with other dedicated couples, 

this is not a swingers group although we accept everyone who wants to work on their relationship.


 The Love Relationshop is where
relationships meet workshops!


*This is a woman-owned Tampa business that is 100% self-funded by money I make bartending and waitressing. I'm dedicating my time, energy, and resources into this business because I passionately believe in what I call "co-creationship" ... people co-creating the life they both deeply desire together with their partner. It requires taking radical responsibility for our responses/reactions, honesty, openness, and gratitude.  I have been putting everything on the line to build this business and these programs to support couples and singles alike in this endeavor.  

Participation and membership truly helps my business grow so know that I truly appreciate my attendees and members with my whole heart. By joining the membership, you'll save money and get added PERKS as a THANK YOU! Together we can support each other in tremendous growth and we can make "doing the work" FUN for all of us!

~Erica Sandquist 

Tampa Love Muse & Creator of The Love Relationshop, LLC

REMEMBER: It's always the perfect time to love, learn, laugh, and grow.





We warmly welcome everyone!

 ❤  If you attend our events, you're the kind of person who is warm and welcoming to everyone regardless of differences.

Heart Shaped Balloons_edited.jpg

   If you attend our events, you're the kind of person who is warm and welcoming to everyone regardless of differences.


We do not discriminate against any sexual orientation, religious belief, age, race, sex, socioeconomic status, lifestyle choice, OR relationship status. 

ALL who want to work on their relationship communication skills with our programs are WARMLY welcomed by EVERYONE! This is non-negotiable.

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