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Greater Tampa Bay Area, Florida


             to The Love Relationshop!



Tampa Love Muse

Creator of The Love Relationshop, LLC and all it's programs & events

~  organizer, facilitator, hostess, & coach ~



creator of The Love Relationship, LLC

[extended bio at the end of the page]

You can feel confident that you have a real educator  leading the workshops with decades of experience [and many years of education]  who is passionate about  LOVE, self growth, education, authenticity, ...and FUN play !

 L♡VE         ❤         PERSONAL GROWTH         ❤         EDUCATION         ❤         FUN

  Hostess for Couples Events

            since 2021 --> Florida

  Hostess for Singles Events 

            since 2013 -->  Seattle, Spokane, Florida

✔  Class Creator & Presenter

            since 2013 --> Seattle, Minnesota, Spokane, Florida

  Communication & Business Coach

            training + internship 

            2012-4, Seattle

            2015-7 Minnesota

Yakov Smirnoff's Assistant

            PBS Taping of "Happliy Ever Laughter"

            2016-17 --> Minnesota, California

            [see photo & stories below]

  Trained to be Law of Attraction Coach


✔  Trained to be Life Coach 

            specializing in relationships

            training + internship 

            2012-14, Seattle

  Started Researching Relationships & Communication

            since 2005 -->Seattle, Minnesota, Spokane, & Florida

  Educator for 25+ years

            Minnesota,  Seattle, Spokane, Florida

  Master's Degree in Learning & Teaching 2000

            Saint Mary's University, Minnesota, 4.0 GPA

                   ThesisUsing Brain Theory, Learning Styles, 

                   Multiple Intelligences, & Cooperative Learning 

                    in the your Classroom Daily

  Teacher's Degree in Elementary Education 1996

            Bemidji State University, Minnesota, 3.75 GPA

Hi!   My name is Erica Sandquist. I am known for my smile [AND smiling A LOT], randomly getting up to dance when the mood strikes, giving myself HIGH FIVES in the mirror, AND laughing out loud at the jokes I'm thinking...with a bit of a dirty mind. Luckily, I gave myself permission to be a little silly [with fun motorcycle/repair shop metaphors] in designing this website and program !  I am absolutely passionate about LOVE, EDUCATION, SELF-DEVELOPMENT, ... and FUN!   which are four of my favorite things in the world besides my beautiful daughter & three grandsons!  Although I'm not the first person to come up with the term CREATIONSHIP, I believe in what I call CO-CREATIONSHIP* with my whole heart. ♡  [See the definition of the term I coined "co-creationship" HERE.]

Despite being Dyslexic, on the Autism spectrum, AND a young single mother in the 1990s, I finished two college degrees in 6 years including a Master's in "Teaching & Learning" that I earned while teaching full-time in the inner city. I spent two decades as a teacher in Minnesota & Washington state.  In 2012, I left teaching to become a life and business coach which gave me a plethora of absolutely amazing experiences…including being on the PBS production with a celebrity!  [more about that plus more personal info at the bottom of this page]

Much to the chagrin of a former love, I am very open, honest, and  direct.  I'm also very passionate about education and self-development. I'm very driven ... like consistently working for 10-15 hours/day. [I want to be either working or playing so I really can't do small talk or time wasters.]  I left teaching 10 years ago to pursue my own business...which has been evolving as took time to care for each of my aging parents for years,  I am figuring out ways to honor my skills and talents, and deciding where I was going to live during the pandemic.  [Being self-employed is even trickier for me during these times!]

Most people don't budget for SELF-GROWTH....but I do!!  I love this stuff. I have literally spent tens of thousands of dollars on books, audiobooks, workshops, classes, webinars, programs, coaching, and even therapists for a time before/during/after 3 painful breakups.   Since my mission is to HELP people get into and/or stay in HAPPY, HEALTHY relationships, I just share the highlights of the programs/books I've loved the most.  With my teaching background, I love to have events that are interactive, FUN and educational.  

 I'm  a strong  proponent  of:


  • using the power of INTENTIONS and prayer
  • using LOA
  • self-development
  • accepting everyone where they are
  • helping each other / support
  • "co-creationships"
  • being grateful 
  • being intentional

  • being gracious and kind
  • being patient and forgiving
  • being open and honest
  • practicing communication skills
  • having a positive attitude
  • having judgement-free zones in which to learn and grow

  • supporting others
  • supporting other small businesses 
  • finding WIN WIN WIN scenarios

Although I've been a life coach for the last decade, I'm just getting started as Tampa's Love Muse [hoping to inspire people to UPLEVEL LOVE lives].  In the past 10 years, I've met at least a thousand broken-hearted adults who were struggling with:

1. "relationship HOPPING

2.  "hiding from relationships" or 

3. the normal emotional ups and downs of the dating rollercoaster.  

I wanted to help singles get into [and stay in] healthy relationships [which are two totally different skill sets]However, DEEP DOWN, I knew the need was SO MUCH BIGGER THAN THAT.   I started to ask myself, 

"What can I do so I can help as many people as possible?" 

It was then that realized that there needs to be FUN, interactive resources for COUPLES so they are happy to stay together and not just “sticking out a life sentence!"  [aka staying in their unhappy marriage because they don't believe in divorce] 

I believe that staying together in a HAPPY, healthy relationship is FAR BETTER than divorce and that “doing the work” can be FUN FUN FUN!  With the right SUPPORT, we can actually have HAPPY COUPLES who don't get divorced in the first place, and then we won't have as many hurting, broken-hearted singles.  And I also believe and support the research that says that by routinely dating your mate, you will have better communication, more appreciation, more intimacy, better sex, more connection, and less stress...who doesn't want THAT?

So when I moved to Tampa a few months ago, I started creating The LOVE Relationshop, LLC  to help clients UPLEVEL LOVE skills in co-creating happy, HEALTHY relationships in a fun, meaningful way!  

*This is a woman-owned Tampa business that is 100% funded by me. I'm dedicating my time, energy, and resources into this business because I passionately believe in people wanting and needing to  uplevel their relationship and communication skills to get into and stay in happy, healthy relationships.  Your participation [and membership] truly helps my business grow so know that I truly appreciate supporters with my whole heart. By joining, you'll save money and get added PERKS as a THANK YOU!  Together we can support each other in tremendous growth and FUN!  

Here's the story about Erica being a part of a 

PBS production with a  celebrity!!

....keep scrolling down! ;)


Yakov Smirnoff's

"Happily Ever Laughter"

PBS Special

In 2015 & 2016, Erica had the honor of being able to train with comedian [Dr.] Yakov Smirnoff about relationships including masculine/feminine energy theories... [something they were both researching at the time].  They had both studied relationship industry greats like Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr. Willard Harley, Dr. Harville Hendrix, Dr. Helen Hunt, Dr. Dr. Pat Allen, the Gottmans, and Alison Armstrong.

At the same time, she was assisting him with his different projects ... one of which was his "Happily Ever Laughter" PBS Special!  Erica actually co-designed the stage! That's Erica [in the blue and white flower jacket] on stage at the end of taping with Yakov, his assistant, the stage hands, and PBS crew. The next day after Yakov saw the photos, he said to Erica, "I had no idea it looked THAT good! YOU have TALENT!" Erica was beaming!

The last photo is a picture of the TV showing the credits with Erica's name on the video. She thought that was pretty dang cool! It was SUCH an amazing experience! Even though the PBS special is NOT available online, make sure to watch the Prager U video of  Yakov's  special message below. It is filled with humor and intelligence on relationships. 


Comedian Yakov Smirnoff, host of PBS comedy special "Happily Ever Laughter", explains in video.


How do you know if your relationship is going in the right direction? Is there a way to tell if you're in love? 

Well, yes, and studies confirm that the measuring stick is how much laughter there is in your relationship. Comedian Yakov Smirnoff, host of PBS comedy special "Happily Ever Laughter", explains.

WOW!  Another cool story!

....keep scrolling down! ;)



Erica Meets "His Needs, Her Needs" Author

WHO got to spend the ENTIRE day with renowned author Dr. Willard Harley, his family, & celebrity comedian turned relationship coach  Dr. Yakov Smirnoff?!   That's right!  Erica did! :)

This book was a turning point in Erica's life when she came across it in 2009. It was 2016 when she got to meet Dr. Harley in person and by then she had already recommended this book to at least 50 clients, friends, and/or complete strangers!

Meeting Dr. Harley was a DREAM COME TRUE for Erica! And to be able to spend the entire day together with him, his wife, son, and daughter-in-law along with Yakov Smirnoff was icing on the cake! What amazing conversation about what men and women NEED in relationships vs. what we THINK and DO!

Erica believes in Yakov's advice to couples SO MUCH that she built a resource for couples to spend time, GROW, and laugh together!



"Of course, marriages and relationships break up for all sorts of reasons. But, I can say with confidence, if you’re not laughing, there is trouble ahead. So, how do you get the laughter back if you’ve lost it? Every relationship is different, of course, but there is one constant: To laugh together, you need to BE together. And that literally means time together. You need to start by making a decision that time together is important and it’s not negotiable. Set a date night, take a dance lesson, a cooking class. Doesn’t matter what you do. You just have to do it." ~Yakov Smirnoff



Background Info about Erica

....keep scrolling down! ;)


 L♡VE       ❤       PERSONAL GROWTH       ❤       EDUCATION       ❤       FUN


Fairy Godmother for Halloween 2013, Seattle

2010 Evel Knievel's motorcyle 

~ Las Vegas Wax Museum

I think I truly look at the world differently due to being both dyslexic AND on the Asperger's spectrum. However, I didn't let my "disabilities" stop me from getting a great formal education [Master's Degree] AND pursuing an informal education in communication & relationships ...but reading and writing as much as I do made life more challenging. 

Growing up in a dysfunctional family where [psychological, verbal, and emotional] abuse ran rampant, I eventually turned to words and definitions, books and experts to help me understand the world and learn what love, healthy, and structured means.  As you can imagine, that type of a DYSFUNCTIONAL FOUNDATION created a lot of depression throughout my life as I was ridiculed, insulted, and told I wasn't measuring up to my parents' expectations on a regular basis.*  Dealing with one parent who was highly emotional and one who was logical, I actually developed the unique ability to balance logic and emotion ... which is one of my SUPER POWERS as a life coach... as evidenced by a weirdly balanced Myers-Briggs test.  Luckily for me I had an amazing brother who was my best friend through it all.

Although I understand those who do, I'm proud that even in the darkest parts of my life where I just wanted the emotional pain to end, I NEVER ever turned toward masking the pain with drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, or attempting suicide.  Unfortunately I turned inward during the rough patches feeling IMMENSE despair, hopelessness and unworthiness plus thinking I may be unlovable and "stupid" . 

At times, I'd feel that maybe the love that eluded me was too hard to live without --- but also too hard to FIND and KEEP.   Depression has never about crawling into bed crying or sleeping.  Life for me is about searching for answers to questions about what real HEALTHY love looks like, sounds like, and feels like...then rebuilding my life around THAT...and then sharing my knowledge with others. 

Still persevering with rose colored glasses and having worked through my old harmful thoughts, I credit my heart, analytical mind, and BELIEF that "love IS good... but HEALTHY LOVE IS FAR BETTER"!   And now almost completely on the other side of pain, I have found the peace that I somehow KNEW was there all along.   By creating The LOVE RelationSHOP I'm helping others get the LOVE they've always dreamed of and deserve, too!   ❤

 GRATITUDE      *      AUTHENTICITY      *      INTREGITY      *      OPENNESS      *      INTENTIONALITY


"We are "FORMED" during our childhood 

but we have the opportunity to "TRANSFORM" during adulthood 

as we become the person we WANT to be."

  Ponder this:  As a child sees life happening in front of them, they try to make sense of it.  They put MEANING into circumstances that were probably not there in the first place.  [Think about how many children believe their parents are divorcing because of THEM.]  But they're trying to make sense of these things as a child with their limited knowledge and experience.   

As an adult you'd see things very differently than a child would, wouldn't you?  We'd never take real relationship advice from a child.  So why are we still listening to what we started believing as a child?



Most people don't budget for self-development 

and the divorce rate shows it!

ESPECIALLY once married, most couples don't actually BUDGET for dating or improving their relationship even though research shows that by routinely dating your mate, you will have better communication, more appreciation, more intimacy, better sex, more connection, and less stress!   However, couples DO spend lots of time and money on the wedding [rings, dress, food/drinks, venue, entertainment, etc.] and life AROUND the relationship [i.e. home, vehicles, vacations, clothes, food, entertainment, utilities, etc.]. This is why probably why we have over 50% divorce rate in the US...and substantially higher for 2nd, 3rd, 4th marriages!

WiN WiN WiN!

*This is a woman-owned Tampa business that is 100% self-funded by me. I'm dedicating my time, energy, and resources into this business because I passionately believe in what I call "co-creationship" ... people co-creating the life they both deeply desire together WITH their partner.  It requires taking radical responsibility, honesty, openness and gratitude. I am putting everything on the line to support couples in this endeavor. 

Your participation and membership truly helps my business grow so know that I truly appreciate you with my whole heart. By joining, you'll save money and get added PERKS as a THANK YOU!  Together we can support each other in tremendous growth and FUN!  

 Please help spread the word. X

"It's always the perfect time to learn, love, and grow!"    ~Erica





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Being a life coach for a decade I met at least a thousand broken-hearted adults who were either "relationship HOPPING" or "hiding from relationships"!!  I wanted to help by doing classes for singles so they could get into and stay in healthy relationships...which are two totally different skill sets.

However, DEEP DOWN, I knew the need was SO MUCH BIGGER THAN THAT. I started to ask myself, 

"What can I change so I can help as many people as possible?" 

It was then that realized that there needs to be FUN, interactive resources for COUPLES so they are happy to stay together…not just “sticking out a life sentence together"! [aka marriage] 

I believe that staying together in a HAPPY, healthy relationship is FAR BETTER than divorce and that “doing the work” can be FUN FUN FUN!  

And I'm here to help couples !  ♡

This is how we create YOUR road map to the relationship YOU need, desire, and LOVE.  You'll learn how to use the LAW of ATTRACTION LAW of CREATION to co-create the LOVING RELATIONSHIP you desire & deserve!

Erica Sandquist

Communication & 

Relationship Coach

The LOVE RelationSHOP is a new & unique concept that Erica is really 

R-E-V-V-E-D  UP about developing AND expanding.  There are SO MANY fun metaphors and analogies between relationships & motorcycles! 

Just rolling with the PUNS and the sheer sex appeal of motorcycle riding is half the fun for Erica as she builds this site and program.  The other half of the fun is providing an amazing resource to those in the TAMPA area. ♡

Our Love Team:

❤  Blog Writer:  Erica

❤  Contract Maker:  Erica  

❤  Creator of The Love Relationshop:  Erica

❤  Curriculum writer:  Erica

❤  Designer:  Erica

❤  Event planner:  Erica

❤  Hostess:  Erica

❤  Marketer:  Erica

❤  Podcast technician:  Erica

❤  Photographer:  Erica

❤  Presenter:  Erica

❤  Secretary & Office Assistant:  Erica

❤  Social Media specialist:  Erica

❤  YouTube technicians: Erica 

❤  Website designer: Erica

❤  Writer:  Erica

As you can see, Erica is wearing a lot of hats as she's getting her business launched!  Some things are easier for her than others.  Please be patient but feel free to be persistent!  It'll be worth it!

People have been asking how they can help my amazing mission and what they can donate.  Any and all donations are deeply appreciated & accepted here.  You only need a credit or debit card.

Getting crystal clear on what you yearn for,

acknowledging past traumas,

taking radical responsibility to your reactions/responses to triggers,

and then communicating lovingly,

increases your likelihood of GETTING 

the LOVE in life you've always wanted.  

[whether or not you're currently in a relationship]

This is called 'doing the work' and I believe that the work is

incredibly SATISFYING...and can be FUN too!"

~ Tampa's Love Muse, Erica 

Donations are accepted here:

People can see what a difference this business can make on so many lives. A few are even asking how they can help and what they can donate. Any and all donations are deeply appreciated ... & monetary donations are accepted here. You only need a credit or debit card to donate safely and securely through PayPal. [We don't see your cc information.]

Your donation goes towards paying some of the business expenses incurred to get this business off the ground and to keep it going like: websites [$500/year], CRM [$100/year], photography [$360/year], landing pages, advertising, business cards & flyers [$1000/year], ZOOM [$200/year], Meetup Organizers memberships [$200/year], Eventbrite [$100/mo], etc.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!  Erica