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Here's the story about Erica being a part of a PBS production with a celebrity!!

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Yakov Smirnoff's

"Happily Ever Laughter"

PBS Special

In 2015 & 2016, Erica had the honor of being able to train with comedian [Dr.] Yakov Smirnoff about relationships including masculine/feminine energy theories... [something they were both researching at the time].  You may not know this about this comedian, but he has his Masters and Doctorate in studying relationships!  He does an amazing job of weaving comedy with relationship education.


They had both studied relationship industry greats like Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr. Willard Harley, Dr. Harville Hendrix, Dr. Helen Hunt, Dr. Dr. Pat Allen, the  Drs. Gottman, and Alison Armstrong.


At the same time, she was assisting him with his different projects ... one of which was his "Happily Ever Laughter" PBS Special! 


 Erica actually co-designed the stage!  That's Erica [in the blue and white flower jacket] on stage at the end of taping with Yakov, his assistant, the stage hands, and PBS crew.  The next day after Yakov saw the photos, he said to Erica, "I had no idea it looked THAT good! YOU have TALENT!" Erica was beaming!


Even though the PBS special isn't available online, make sure to watch the Prager U video of Yakov's special message below. It is filled with humor and intelligence on relationships. 

That's me in the white blazer [w/ blue flowers on it] in the second row.  I have the big cheesy grin on my face.  What an amazing experience! :D

I got to help design this set...and be an assistant to Yakov.  So cool!

The last photo is a picture of the TV showing the credits with my name on the video. I thought that was pretty dang cool! It was SUCH an amazing experience!

Comedian Yakov Smirnoff, host of PBS comedy special "Happily Ever Laughter", explains in video.


How do you know if your relationship is going in the right direction?Is there a way to tell if you're in love? 

Well, yes, and studies confirm that the measuring stick is how much laughter there is in your relationship. Comedian Yakov Smirnoff, host of PBS comedy special "Happily Ever Laughter", explains.

WOW!  Another cool story!

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Erica Meets "His Needs, Her Needs" Author

WHO got to spend the ENTIRE day with renowned author Dr. Willard Harley, his family, & celebrity comedian turned relationship coach  Dr. Yakov Smirnoff?!   That's right!  Erica did! :)

This book was a turning point in Erica's life when she came across it in 2009. It was 2016 when she got to meet Dr. Harley in person and by then she had already recommended this book to at least 50 clients, friends, and/or complete strangers!


Meeting Dr. Harley was a DREAM COME TRUE for Erica! And to be able to spend the entire day together with him, his wife, son, and daughter-in-law along with Yakov Smirnoff was icing on the cake! What amazing conversation about what men and women NEED in relationships vs. what we THINK and DO!

Erica believes in Yakov's advice to couples SO MUCH that she built a resource for couples to spend time, GROW, and laugh together!

"Of course, marriages and relationships break up for all sorts of reasons. But, I can say with confidence, if you’re not laughing, there is trouble ahead. So, how do you get the laughter back if you’ve lost it? Every relationship is different, of course, but there is one constant: To laugh together, you need to BE together. And that literally means time together. You need to start by making a decision that time together is important and it’s not negotiable. Set a date night, take a dance lesson, a cooking class. Doesn’t matter what you do. You just have to do it." ~Yakov Smirnoff

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