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Thank you!

❤ PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, and  Venmo

Donations are accepted here:

People can see what a difference this business can make on so many lives.  A few are even asking how they can help and what they can donate. Any and all donations are deeply appreciated ... & monetary donations are accepted here. You only need a credit or debit card to donate safely and securely through PayPal. [We don't see your cc information.]  


Your donation goes towards paying some of the business expenses incurred to get this business off the ground and to keep it going like: websites [$500/year], CRM [$100/month], photography [$360/year], landing pages, advertising, business cards & flyers [$1000/year], ZOOM [$200/year], Meetup Organizers memberships [$400/year], Eventbrite [$100/mo], etc.


Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!  Erica

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Erica Sandquist



Erica Sandquist

The Love Relationshop


Erica Sandquist



coming soon!

Do you offer any discounts?

Absolutely!  At this time we are offering a military discount. Being a former military wife, I understand the sacrifices made by the whole family...and the toll deployment can take on the marriage. I want to continue supporting our active military families so we will be offering military discounts on our package deals to [present] military men and women who serve our country. Please contact us with proper ID to get your 10% discount. 

[We plan to raise that percentage as we grow.]

We do not discriminate against any sexual orientation, religious belief, age, race, sex, socioeconomic status, lifestyle choice, OR relationship status.   ALL who want to work on their relationship communication skills with our programs are WARMLY welcomed by EVERYONE!

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