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We offer an amazing service for married couples where
we orchestrate fun & meaningful events like unique date nights
plus interpersonal communication skills education, coaching,
support, & community
 so your relationship can sizzle not fizzle!

Relationships take WORK but what does that mean???

Are you ready to make "doing the work" fun?!  YES!


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Are you living in the TAMPA area and want to LEARN MORE? Great!
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Don't just chose between divorce OR a mediocre marriage!

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Relationships do take WORK so let's make "doing the work" FUN!  

Join our annual membership and we'll plan at least 52 "date nights" events that are:   FUN, interactive & educational dating adventures!! 

To help you UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE skills, we also include  group coaching, texting support, newsletters, and monthly educational themes!


We take the WORK out of setting up great dates so you can just focus on each other and "get to the good parts" faster [and more often].

wink wink ;)

Join us to UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE life for more play, love, AND intimacy!  ;)

~date night series for committed couples only~

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All Videos

All Videos
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Date Your Sole Mate Part 1

Date Your Sole Mate Part 1

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Date Your Sole Mate PART 2

Date Your Sole Mate PART 2

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Date Your Sole Mate Part 3

Date Your Sole Mate Part 3

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 Co-create the relationship you both deeply desire.

 Learn & grow together to feel re-connected.

 Fall in love with your spouse all over again.

 Meet other like-minded couples focusing on their MARRIAGES.

 Have the time of your life!

How does this work?

We provide FUN events for COUPLES in the Greater TAMPA area to attend, connect, enjoy, learn, & grow their LOVE together through our dating series!  This takes the STRESS of PLANNING the GREAT DATES off the shoulders of the couple.  You have enough to do already and weeeeeee loooooooove this stufff! ;)

You and your sweetheart can just SHOW up for your date, focus on each other, and let the problems of the world fall away for awhile.  You get all the benefits of weekly date nights without any of the work or stress!  You're reminded of how you fell in love in the first place and fall in love all over again.

By dating each other again [through unique dates we orchestrate] you try NEW