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fun & meaningful date nights for committed couples

Research shows that by routinely dating your mate, you can DRAMATICALLY improve your relationship!

We do all the leg work so you and your spouse just show up and ENJOY!

*Yes, this is a play on words.  SOLE MATE is referring to your one and only love partner...possibly even your SOULMATE!

Couples typically spend a LOT of time, money, and energy on the first day[s] of their marriage... their wedding & honeymoon! 

[rings, dress/tux, food/drinks, flowers, venue, entertainment, vacation, etc]


And couples spend lots of time and money on their life together!

[i.e. home, vehicles, vacations, clothes, food, entertainment, utilities, kids, health, insurance, etc]


But most couples do NOT spend focused, quality time ON their relationship 

and in seeking support to GROW TOGETHER.


-------->   Research shows that by routinely dating your mate, you will have better communication, 

more appreciation, more intimacy, better sex, more connection, and less stress!<--------

Why is it that people just don't budget for SELF-GROWTH?  And once married, most couples don't actually BUDGET for routine dating, improving their relationship, or investing in their marriage.  Is it any surprise that the divorce rate is so high?  You two INFLUENCE EVERY SINGLE AREA OF EACH OTHER'S LIVES and you have plans to stay with for decades more . . . don't you want it as great as it can possibly be

It truly makes sense to INVEST in your marriage by starting a routine DATE NIGHT.  

Want to join us? GREAT!  Let's be BFFs! 

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Your FUN Facilitator, Educator & Hostess: 

Erica Sandquist,

Tampa Love Muse

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"Of course, marriages and relationships break up for all sorts of reasons. But, I can say with confidence, if you’re not laughing, there is trouble ahead. So, how do you get the laughter back if you’ve lost it? Every relationship is different, of course, but there is one constant: To laugh together, you need to BE together. And that literally means time together. You need to start by making a decision that time together is important and it’s not negotiable. Set a date night, take a dance lesson, a cooking class. Doesn’t matter what you do. You just have to do it." ~Yakov Smirnoff

-------->   Join us to UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE life!   <-------- 
Build the relationship you both desire with SUPPORT,
learn & grow together to feel DEEPLY connected,
meet other like-minded couples focusing on their MARRIAGES,
AND have the time of your life!

Pick & choose events or save money [and get bonuses] by becoming members*.

We provide FUN events for area COUPLES to attend, connect, enjoy, learn, & grow their LOVE through our dating series together!


By dating each other again [through unique dates we orchestrate] you're reminded of how you fell in love in the first place.


You and your sweetheart can just SHOW up for your date, focus on each other, and let the problems of the world fall away for awhile.  You get all the benefits without any of the work or stress!


Each date we orchestrate has a combination of elements llike:

  • romance

  • fun/humor/laughter/playfulness

  • action/activity/game

  • food/meal/drinks

  • surprises

  • books, videos, articles

  • prizes/gifts

  • photos

  • quality communication & relationship education via mini classes <--- this is what elevates your relationship to new heights that you just can't do without The Love Relationshop.

Each monthly date series we orchestrate will have a theme:

  • romance/sensual/sexy

  • humor/laughter

  • playfulness/flirty

  • action/activity/game

  • dinner or picnics [food/meal/drinks]

  • adventure

  • nature

  • volunteer

  • costume/role play/dressing up/masquerade 


* Your participation and membership truly helps my business grow so know that I truly appreciate you with my whole heart.  By joining, you'll save money and get added PERKS as a THANK YOU!  Together we can support each other in tremendous growth and FUN!   NOW is always the perfect time to love, learn, and grow.

~Erica, Creator of The Love Relationshop, LLC

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 Did you know that in most cases, one partner is blindsided by the other asking for a divorce? 

And that this can be PREVENTED by co-creating what you both WANT and NEED!

Don't let divorce happen to YOU!  

Or worse, don't have a mediocre marriage!


Dating is not just for the early stages of a relationship.  Keep dating your spouse to MAINTAIN a strong emotional connection and a healthy marriage!


Whether it is with us or on your own, 

make sure to DATE YOUR SOLE MATE so they stay your "sole"  mate


Join us to UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE life!

~date night series for committed couples only~

Don't just chose between a mediocre marriage or divorce.

There's another option!


Relationships do take WORK so let's make "the work" FUN!  

Be consistent by joining us for "routine date nights" that are: 

FUN, interactive & educational dating adventures!!


We take the WORK out of setting up great dates so you can just focus on each other and "get to the good parts" faster [and more often].

wink wink ;)

Is your relationship everything you've wanted?
[Is it what you thought it would be when you said, "I DO"?]

If so, GREAT!  You'll have a ton of fun together with our events.
If not, that's OK, too, because our events will help!

---> If you're both alive and together, you still have time for the happily ever after you both desire & deserve. 

NOW is the time to


If not NOW, 



If not YOU, 


[Seriously.  Who is going to work on 

YOUR marriage if you don't?]

Please help us spread the word!  




The Importance of Dating Your Spouse 

by Tampa Love Muse

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Are you longing for a remarkable relationship with your sweetheart?   YES!


Do you want to figure out how to build on your past ... 

and not let it trip you up again?  YES!


Is it time to stop struggling and get what you TRULY desireYES!


Do you believe that there's still time for YOUR happily ever after? YES!

If you answered "YES! " then it's time to
with our "Date Your Sole Mate" program!


You love each other. You're committed to each other.  

You've been together for awhile now.  

You know you're blessed and you're deeply grateful.  ❤


Unfortunately your relationship has also kind of plateaued.  


While your love and commitment is still there, it's getting kind of stale, predictable,  and do I dare say . . .BORING?!

[GASP! How can we admit this?!]

Or maybe you're just not feeling IN LOVE anymore.

Or like  you both KNOW your relationship matters to the other but you  don't FEEL like you matter as much as you once did.

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