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The L♡VE 


[ relationship + workshop = relationSH♡P ]

The Love Relationshop offers FUN, interactive, educational WORKSHOPS & events where YOU [single or coupled] can gain knowledge, concepts, & skills to co-create happy, healthy relationships for more fun, a stronger love, & deeper intimacy.

Launching S♡♡n in 222!


[ fun & meaningful monthly date nights for couples in established relationships]

DATE YOUR SOLE MATE is a dating series* specifically for COUPLES in established relationships to nourish & re-ignite their "love" life [through interactive dates] by learning ways to 'FINE TUNE' their relationships toward a stronger LOVE and deeper INTIMACY.

Does YOUR relationship need a little ATTENTION 

and some FINE TUNING to...

FEEL better, easier, sexier, 

safer, AND more fun?!

Then it's time to UPLEVEL your L♡VE!

You love each other. You've committed to each other.  You've been together for awhile now.  You're grateful and you know you're blessed.  Unfortunately you've also kind of plateaued.  While your love and commitment is still there, it's getting kind of stale, boring, . . . or at the very least PREDICTABLE. [GASP!  How can I admit this?!]


Life has taught you a lot.  Some were good/fun lessons and others were painful.  You feel like even though you're the same person, you've also changed over the years.  If you're different, so is your partner.  Do you still REALLY understand each other anymore?  Do you still GET each other like you did when you were falling in love?  Is your relationship everything you wanted and thought it would be?

Date Night [if it even happens] isn't common and usually consists of dinner out at one of your favorite restaurants that you always choose.  Or maybe you see a movie together at the theater . . . or just on the couch.  Then maybe [if you're both not too tired] you head into the bedroom for sex before falling asleep.  

You talk about the same things.  You order the same things.  You DO the same things.  

You wonder, "Where is the mystery, playfulness, the romance, and intimacy?  

Did I give that all up for stability, predictability, and safety?

Are we going to keep doing the same things for the next 10, 20, 30+ years together?" 


We are told from the beginning that relationships take WORK.  And that staying together in a HAPPY, HEALTHY relationship is far BETTER than DIVORCE!*


Buuuuuut what does "WORK in a relationship" even LOOK like?  

Honestly, sometimes it's work to bite your tongue or not walk out the door when you're angry or frustrated.

And if you don't do the work, will your connection keep fading?

If your connection keeps fading, is it worth staying?

You both NEED connection. How do you keep it and grow it?

Sooooo now that we agree that "RELATIONSHIP WORK" is absolutely VITAL to your relationship, 

which one of you is responsible for creating meaningful moments together?!  

Who has the time and imagination to create memory-making dates every single month?!

And who wants to research the best relationship & communication practices out there by reading new books, watching videos, and scouring new products every week finding "just the right ones" for growth and positive development?

 WE D♡!   We L♡VE this stuff!

Annnnnd . . . we have an extraordinary solution for you!

The creator of The Love Relationshop believes that "the work" looks like romance, FUN, education, & practice to co-create a stronger LOVE & deeper INTIMACY!  These are just SKILLS, habits, and behaviors that we can fine tune to our wants and needs.  Anything new just feels awkward at first...and that's when most people give up...before it feels natural.

We believe that couples [who have FUN, reliable resources, interactive activities, and support on a regular basis] can GROW their relationships . . . so they are happy to keep staying together!  

Through our interactive dates, workshops, classes, mini-lessons, and book shares, we help YOU paint a picture of what an emotionally healthy relationship looks like, sounds like, and FEELS like specifically  for you and your sweetheart.   Then by "fine turning" choices in your relationship  you'll have the ROAD MAP to get there!

  We create & orchestrate great dates for couples so you and your sweetheart focus on each other AND really learn about each other at this age and stage in life. . . at a much deeper rate than you can do by yourselves!  You'll UPLEVEL YOUR RELATIONSHIP together so you can fall in love all over again! Your relationship gets all the benefits of an amazing date [PLUS education] without all the stress of planning . . . to make it BETTER, EASIER, SEXIER, PLUS MORE FUN & INTIMATE!  

People who attend our DATE YOUR [SOLE] MATE events are smart, open, kind, compassionate, loving, realistic, humble, and yet hopeful.  They love self development AND love love the idea of focusing on co-creating a fantastic "new" relationship with their partner.  You'll meet other couples and develop great new friendships with like minded people. [And don't worry, you'll never be required to share personal details with other couples.]

Join us to UPLEVEL your "couple skills" to become EVEN BETTER  partners for each other . . . so that the next 10, 20, 30+ years are incredible!   Annnnd . . . just maybe . . . by doing this series, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.  Why?  Because you'll have it all:  the past love, the present love, AND the future love TOGETHER!

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*Staying together in a HAPPY, HEALTHY relationship is far better than divorce. Divorce requires time, energy and resources going into separating your resources. You'll both have to deal with things like: attorney fees, court dates, starting over, splitting resources, uprooting children, dealing with hurt/pain/rejection/failure, loneliness, rejection from dating, rediscovery of self, and then trying to find a "new and better" partner after at least 2 years of adjustment to being single again, etc.]  

SIDE NOTE: staying together in an ABUSIVE relationship is not healthy and you'll need to find help from professionals who specialize in that.


If you're serious about improving [areas of] your relationship, start your routine "relationship maintenance" in a fun, romantic, and educational way!  

You'll learn how to to get your relationship running at its PEAK PERFORMANCE to give you a very smooth [riding] experience.  Most relationships just need some education,support, ATTENTION, and a little FINE TUNING which you can do through THE L♡VE RELATIONSH♡P!



"Let's Get

(Down &) Dirty!"

This is series of 3 FUN and FLIRTY classes for fabulous couples working on FINE TUNING parts of their relationship! 

  1. Sex Trivia  [Do you know trivia about sex, relationships, dating, marriage, & more?]
  2. Talk Dirty to Me!  [Learn how to dirty talk and practice with your sweetheart!]
  3. Fantasy Island  [50 shades of WOW!]



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We understand that humans AND relationships are complicated!  

But hey . . . since you're going to stay, you might as well make it the best it can be for your "happily ever after"!


"Date Your Mate" is a monthly dating subscription* for COUPLES to nourish & re-ignite their established relationship & love life!

By dating each other again through unique dates we orchestrate, you're reminded of how you fell in love.


your relationship!

We provide FUN events for area COUPLES to attend, connect, enjoy, learn, & grow their LOVE through our monthly date nights and day dates together!

Each date we orchestrate has a combination of some of these elements:

  • romance
  • communication tips
  • relationship tips
  • fun
  • humor/laughter
  • action/activity
  • game
  • food/meal
  • education
  • surprise
  • books, videos, articles

You and your sweetheart can focus on each other and let the problems of the world fall away for awhile.

Spread the word!  X 

─  helping you  ─


[ and the R I D E ]

 with your S♡LE mate

We do not discriminate against any straight or gay couple, nor do we discriminate against any religious belief, age, or race.

ALL couples who want to work on their relationships with our program are welcomed by everyone.