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With teamwork, we're able to do these events EVEN BETTER! When you become a volunteer, you are helping us create WiN WiN WiN situations for local businesses, our attendees, and us [The Love Relationshop]  ! THANK YOU! Let's have fun and do good things TOGETHER!


Thank you to our amazing volunteers!  When I started going to singles events right after my divorce, I volunteered for the local singles event planner so I could be DOING something at the events. It kind of forced me to go, get out of my comfort zone, and meet people.  AND I got to talk to EVERYBODY.  What a great insight that was! This is why I offer this to people.  It's a WIN WIN.  I can always use more help and it might just help you too!  Sometimes it's fun to do with a friend. Just tell us where/how you'd like to help!  Thank you!!

Volunteers help events go smoothly and beautifully.

❤ organize materials for events [prior to event--in person]

❤ orientation meeting[s] with volunteers [prior to event--in person or via ZOOM]

❤ setting up / unloading @ event [usually in A.M.]

❤ registration table @ event [greeting, introductions, name tags, etc.]

❤ helping run the event @ event [running the information booth]

❤ tearing down / clean up / loading @ event [usually in P.M.]

We need 2-6 volunteers per event.  Please be comfortable talking with others plus following MY directions AND giving those directions to the attendees.  To volunteer, fill out our contact form, email, text, OR call us 24/7!
813-SEE-LOVE [813-733-5683]

a commercial enterprise [aka partnership] made for mutual benefit undertaken jointly by two or more parties which otherwise retain their distinct identities for one or a series of events or projects


win win win situations

You're good at what you do AND we're good at what we do!

You want to grow your business AND we want to grow our business!

We promote you with our customer base AND you promote us with your customer base!

Attendees win, you win, AND we win!

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