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People are complicated.

Relationships take work.

Let's make "doing the work" fun!


Want to "rev up" your relationship?

Uncomfortable spending your money on coaching & programs to improve your relationship & communication skills? 

We are a society that heavily invests in weddings & divorces --- but not in healthy marriages

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  • the average U.S. marriage only lasts 8.2 years

  • couples finally reach out for help 6 years too late

  • 61% of lonely people are MARRIED

  • the #1 reason for divorce is "lack of commitment" [75%!]

  • 83% of couples are discontent in their marriages

  • the average U.S. wedding is $30,000...for one day

  • the average U.S. divorce coats $20,000 in lawyer fees alone

  • $0 on relationship education over a lifetime

  • the most risky marriage years are 1st-2nd, 5th-8th, & "empty nest" years

  • 1st marriages have a 40-50% divorce rate

  • 2nd marriages have a 60-70% divorce rate

  • 3rd marriages have a  73% divorce rate

  • 55% couples have been married for at least 15 years

  • only 35% reached their 25th anniversary

  • only 6 % reached their 50th anniversarys

Closing your eyes to the facts does not change the facts!!

Great, lasting relationships take join us to make "doing the work" FUN!

UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE skills by "investing" in yourself & your relationship for a more satisfying and fulfilling life!


 @ The Love Relationshop

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What  exactly  is  "The  Love  Relationshop"?

The word "relationshop" is a made-up word that is a combination of the words "relationship" and "workshop"  because we provide relationship-themed coaching, workshops, and events. [Topping this list are interpersonal communication skills classes and relationship building skills classes!]


 Additionally, a "shop" is a place we take something to fix itenhance it, and/or simply maintain it


❤ RELATIONSHIPS can also need to be fixed, enhanced, and/or maintained  -----> including the relationship with ourselves!!


❤ We do this through learning & practicing relationship & communication skills, strategies, and tools for happier, healthier relationships!!  Come as you are and grow into an even better version of yourself for current and future relationships...including your relationship with yourself.

We need to use these UPLEVELED skills daily in MANY different kinds of relationships--not just romantic ones!


The Love Relationshop designs events & workshops
to help you learn & practice relationship / communication skills to 
to what you've always wanted it to be
whether you're currently in a  romantic relationship or not!

Get what you truly desire & deserve.

And Yes! You deserve an amazing Love Story!


No matter where you are in the "LOVE CYCLE,
you can learn and practice the TOOLS you need 
to FINE TUNE your relationships
to get them 
at The Love Relationshop.
Vroom vroom!  ;)


If everything stayed the same as it is right now...
when get to the end of your life, what might you REGRET?


  1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

  2. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings.

  3. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

You still have time for YOUR happily ever after!

Start to  UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE  life today!  We'll help.

We need a HUGE variety of businesses so we can
events, workshops, & classes for singles & couples!

We LOVE collaborating & helping small businesses grow-- including MLMs! 

We're looking for great venues, products, and services for our fabulous clients...

amazing adventures, epic education, and dynamic dates!

[as vendors, venues, swag, prizes, sponsors, guest speakers, co-hosts, author, etc.] 

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Getting crystal clear on what you yearn for,

acknowledging past traumas,

taking radical responsibility for your reactions/responses to triggers,

and then communicating lovingly,

increases your likelihood of 

CO-CREATING the LOVE in life you've always wanted.  

[whether or not you're currently in a relationship]

This is called 'doing the work' and I believe that the work is

incredibly SATISFYING...and can be FUN too!"

~ Tampa Love Muse, Erica