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The L♡VE 


[ relationship + workshop = relationSH♡P ]

The Love Relationshop offers FUN, interactive, educational WORKSHOPS & events where YOU [single or coupled] can gain knowledge, concepts, & skills to co-create happy, healthy relationships for more fun, a stronger love, & deeper intimacy.

Launching S♡♡n in 222!

─  helping you  ─


and the RIDE

 with [or to] your S♡LE mate

Do YOUR relationships need a little ATTENTION and some FINE TUNING 

to FEEL better, easier, safer, more fun, AND maybe even sexier too?!

Then it's time to UPLEVEL your L♡VE!


... is a new & unique concept that is really exciting!  You're going to LOVE it!  

The Love Relationshop is where "relationships meet workshops."  We have FIVE different educational programs so EVERYONE is covered no matter what age or stage!  

F♡R EVERY♡NE:  "ERS in LVE Workshops"

[for those in OR in-between relationships]

We know that we need to continue with "routine maintenance" with any vehicle or dwelling we have. Well, it's also true about personal development in general . . .  but especially when it comes to matters of the heart, relationships, communication, AND our LOVE life [with our without a partner]!  Through our APP, interactive workshops, classes, mini-lessons, and book shares [via ZOOM or in person], we help YOU paint a picture of what an emotionally healthy relationship looks like, sounds like, and FEELS like for you [and your sweetheart if applicable].  

Then by "fine tuning" choices in your life and/or relationship  you'll have the ROAD MAP to get there!  

We know that not everyone has the time, energy, imagination, and resources to research the best concepts from all over and turn them into fun, interactive, informative events for couples and singles but...

 WE D♡!   We L♡VE this stuff!

Then we bring that info to Y♡U!

In addition to educational workshops, we will do FUN ACTIVITIES that always have a sprinkle of education tossed in them!    "Fun Activities" may include: adult trivia, snorkeling, game shows, dancing, cooking classes, massage, yachting adventures, spa, theme parks, travel, retreats, yoga, painting, massage, etc.    We're just getting launched this year and  the sky is the limit!

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[for those in established relationships]

  We create & orchestrate great dates for couples so you and your sweetheart focus on each other AND learn about each other all over again . . . at a much deeper rate than you can do by yourselves.  You'll UPLEVEL YOUR RELATIONSHIP together so you can fall in love all over again. Your relationship gets all the benefits of an amazing date without all the stress of planning . . . to make it better, easier, sexier, PLUS more fun AND intimate!

We all know that happy, healthy relationships take WORK . . . but what exactly does "the work" look like?  Surely it's not just talking about feelings and taking out the garbage?  Plus we also need romance, FUN, skills, & practice to create a stronger LOVE & deeper INTIMACY!  We know that COUPLES need to have reliable resources, interactive activities, and SUPPORT on a regular basis to GROW their relationships so they are HAPPY to keep staying together!  Now you have that with our workshops and our community of like minded people.

Join us so you and your partner can UPLEVEL your "couple skills" to become EVEN BETTER  partners possible for each other . . . so the next 10, 20, 30+ years are incredible!  Annnnd just maybe . . . by doing this series, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.  Why? Because you'll have it all:  the past love, the present love, and the future love TOGETHER.  If  this is the case, do you know HOW MANY people would LOVE to be in your shoes?  Call today!

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[for those in committed relationships who are: thinking of marrying, engaged, or newlyweds]


Deciding on getting married is exciting, romantic, and fun and seems like everything will be wonderful forever because you're so in love!   However, often times we gloss over important differences, red flags, and conversations because it seems like love can conquer all, you're not going to make the mistakes your parents did, . . . and, well, no one is perfect.

We've created a 2 part workshop series of 16 classes to help you build a strong, healthy FOUNDATION of a shared vision of  your lives together.  Get clear on what you and your sweetheart truly desire in terms of money, working, lifestyle, city/state, children, family, vacationing, career, education, saving money, retirement, housing, cleanliness, sex, affection, leisure, hobbies, and much more! 


HOW a couple addresses  conflicts is the number one determination of success or failure in a relationship.  To do that, we walk you through the tough conversations that NEED to happen before the wedding in a fun, light hearted way where there are no wrong answers . . . just the the much needed truth to be able to move forward in integrity and authenticity.  

Take this series to increase your marriage success rate, satisfaction, and happiness!  Join us so you and your partner can UPLEVEL your "couple skills" to become the BEST  PARTNERS POSSIBLE for each other so the next 20, 40, 60+ years are incredible!  Annnnd. . . you'll be light years ahead of your peers by working through these questions NOW at the beginning of your relationship.  You'll learn the skills to work through the problems and conflicts as they arise.  Instead of pushing each other away, you and your partner can actually grow closer with each conflict.  Sign up today!  Classes starting soon!

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[for those in-between relationships]

Are you single and ready to mingle?   We provide FUN ways for local singles to attend, connect, enjoy, learn, & maybe even find a new BFF [or LOVE] through our events!  In addition to educational workshops, we do FUN events and activities for singles to meet new friends!  Since so many people are new to living in Florida, they will need to rebuild their "foundation" of friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.  Friends are who we depend on for fun, conversation, support, help, companionship, and much more! 

Some activities are centered around making new friends [SINGLE MINGLES] and others are centered around dating and/or finding a new partner [DATING EVENTS].  Our lives are richer with good friends!  

  • SINGLE MINGLES: Sunday Beach Day, dances, happy hour, yoga, karaoke, game shows, spa, theme parks, and much more!
  • DATING EVENTS: speed dating, dances, lock & key parties, game shows, and much more!

Spread the word! We're all in this together!  X 

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[for those in-between being in a relationship and being single]

Are you in the confusing LIMBO period where you're not really in the relationship anymore but you're also not really single either?  We recognize that in a breakup/divorce, so many people lose their friends, work, home, and/or neighbors [because they had to give up their former homes]. Often you will need to rebuild your "foundation" of friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. while simultaneously going through the pain of starting over with LESS resources.  

You are mourning a lot more than "just" the relationship.  

Since friends are who we depend on for fun, conversation, support, help, companionship, and much more, some of the workshops will have activities that around making new friends in addition to learning about topics like:  rebuilding your life, self care, how to date, and finding a new partner,  etc.  Our lives are richer with good education, good friends, and good understanding!

We hope to gain a lot of traction with the concept of "Conscious Uncoupling" in Florida.  It is definitely not possible for every relationship but is really beautiful when it can be attained ESPECIALLY when there are children involved [and things like family businesses] where you HAVE to continue see each other.  Soon we'll have some officiants on our website who can lead you in a healing "divorce ceremony" with your soon-to-be ex.  [Check out our page to learn more about this!]

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Why did we choose a "motorcycle repair shop" and riding motorcycles

as METAPHORS for "The Love Relationshop"?

There are SO MANY fun metaphors and analogies between relationships and motorcycles! Just rolling with the PUNS and the sheer SEX APPEAL of motorcycle riding is half the fun of this site and program. The other half of the fun is providing an amazing resource to couples and singles in the TAMPA area....and eventually all over the country! 

Vrrroooommmm vrrrooommmm!

Being 100% direct, while this "motorcycle repair shop" is the metaphorical theme of our business, we are NOT a biker's group nor a repair shop. And while we provide dates in an event like setting with other dedicated couples, this is NOT a swingers group.

 We do not discriminate against any straight or gay couple, nor do we discriminate against any religious belief, age, or race. ALL couples who want to work on their relationships with our program are welcomed by everyone.

─  helping you  ─


and the R-I-D-E

 with [or to] your S♡LE mate!

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We need a lot of people and quite a variety of businesses to CREATE & ORCHESTRATE GREAT DATES and events!

We're looking for great venues, products, and services for our singles and couples.  This could be anything including [but NOT limited to]: restaurant/bar, dance studio, massage, land/air/sea adventure, photography, and more!  

IF you are an author, therapist, or you have a fun, interesting, romantic, active, or unique business [in the greater Tampa Bay area or you can come to us] call us ASAP! 941-208-2818 

 We LOVE collaborating & helping grow small businesses including MLMs!

We're also interviewing great vendors, sponsors, products, and services who want to sponsor events or workshops for our singles and couples.

Check out our VENDORS, VENUES, VOLUNTEERS & SPONSOR tab for more info, fill out the form above,  or just call/text!