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People are complicated.

Relationships take work.

Let's make "doing the work" fun!


Want to "rev up" your relationship?

We are a society that HEAVILY invests in weddings & divorces--
but not in maintaining healthy relationships.


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  • the average U.S. marriage only lasts 8.2 years

  • couples finally reach out for help 6 years too late

  • 61% of lonely people are MARRIED

  • the #1 reason for divorce is "lack of commitment" [75%!]

  • 83% of couples are discontent in their marriages

  • 40% divorce rate - 1st marriages

  • 60% divorce rate - 2nd marriages

  • 73% divorce rate - 3rd marriages

  • only 35% reached their 25th anniversary

Closing your eyes does not change the facts!!


 @ The Love Relationshop with Erica

Great, lasting HEALTHY relationships take WORK.

Join us to make "doing the work" FUN!

UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE skills by "investing" in yourself & your relationship

 for a more satisfying and fulfilling life!

Through high quality education and coaching,
we support conscious quality people
in defining, co-creating, & then maintaining their

"happily ever after" plan.
By learning to articulate their desires and take radical responsibility for their reactions & responses, they create happ
ier, healthier relationships filled with more play, love, and intimacy!


We LOVE collaborating & helping small businesses grow--

including MLMs, therapists, & counselors!

We're looking for great venues, products, & services for our fabulous clients...

amazing adventures, epic education, and dynamic dates!

[as vendors, venues, swag, prizes, sponsors, guest speakers, co-hosts, authors, therapists, etc.] 

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Getting crystal clear on what you yearn for,

acknowledging past traumas,

taking radical responsibility for your reactions/responses to triggers,

and then communicating lovingly,

increases your likelihood of 

CO-CREATING the LOVE in life you've always wanted.  

[whether or not you're currently in a relationship]

This is called 'doing the work' and I believe that the work is

incredibly SATISFYING...and we make it FUN too!"

~ Tampa Love Muse, Erica 

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