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In 2019 I had my idea forming of a business that specialized in helping established couples date each other again and reconnect. The name I came up with was Date Your Mate. Of course, the name has been used before and the domain is that might be a good name for a program but I wanted a name for my business that encompassed not only COUPLES but also singles. Being an educator in some form for most of my life, I knew I had to continue with educating adults in this area as well.

One day, I was looking at website templates on my beloved VISTAPRINT and I saw one for a MOTORCYCLE REPAIR SHOP. I absolutely loved the photo logo and the photos! Immediately my mind was RACING coming up with PUNS and innuendoes! How FUN, playful, and sexy! That's exactly what I wanted for my business! And I love the idea of a REPAIR shop for broken hearts..not that I love the idea of broken hearts but being able to repair hearts and maintain relationships! We all have been hurt in the past. Learning from it instead of just HURTING from it is our goal here.

The original logo had a handlebar, 3 stars and a wrench. I changed the 3 stars to 2 hearts...and kept the wrench since we're "working on our relationships."

So I started building the website on the template, and kept brainstorming names. When "The Love Relationshop" popped into my head, I couldn't let it go. I loved the play on words that RELATIONSHIP + WORKSHOP = RELATIONSHOP! Immediately checking to see if the domains were available, and if anyone else was using that phrase. Someone was using it so I put LOVE in front and I grabbed that one PLUS 2 similar domains!

There are also SO MANY fun metaphors and analogies between relationships and motorcycles! [From "hanging on for dear life" to "love handles" to "enjoying the journey...and the ride" to "fine tuning for PEAK performance" it's all playful and descriptive.] Just rolling with the PUNS and the sheer SEX APPEAL of motorcycle riding is half the fun of this site and program. The other half of the fun is providing an amazing resource to couples and singles in the TAMPA area....and eventually all over the country! Vrrroooommmm vrrrooommmm! ;)

Being 100% direct, while this "motorcycle repair shop" is the metaphorical theme of our business, we are NOT a biker's group nor a repair shop. And while we provide dates in an event like setting, this is not a swingers group.



Tampa Love Muse

The Love Relationshop, LLC LOGO of motorcycle handlebars with 2 hearts and wrench
The Love Relationshop's logo

motorcycle handle bars with stars and wrench
original logo

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