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Interactive Workshop for Couples--

planning for intentional intimacy & connection in your marriage this year!


In this interactive couples workshop, we will cover:


Planning Time for "Intentional Intimacy & Connection" in Your Marriage This Year!

Is your marriage is currently what you wanted/hoped for when you two said "I DO" ?


We know we can't just throw a party without telling SOMEONE or preparing in some way. AND we know to have a GREAT party, we need to have some kind of plan:

  1. Pick a day, time, place!

  2. Have a theme/reason! [Superbowl, pool party, graduation, birthday, Halloween, etc]

  3. Have some kind of food and drink!

  4. Have some kind of entertainment! [pool party, band, contest, TV, etc]

  5. Invite people and give them the details so they decide if they want to attend and how to show up! [casual, dressed up, team colors, costume, etc.]


That's a lot of planning for just a couple hours of fun!

So why do we go into a marriage promising to stay together literally for DECADES without some sort of plan for keeping things FRESH and HEALTHY?


We don't even take the same amount of time we'd spend to plan a 4-HOUR PARTY to plan a just a year of our marriage!!



Seriously. Then we wonder why:

  1. the average U.S. marriage is 8.2 years

  2. the average U.S. couple waits approximately 6-8 years too late to seek help

  3. the divorce rate is at 40% [first marriages] up to 73% [for third marriages]

  4. 75% of couples site "lack of commitment" as reason for divorce

  5. 83% of couples are DISCONTENT in their marriages

  6. 61% of the lonely people are MARRIED

  7. only 35% of couples reach their 25th wedding anniversary



Most people think that great relationships just happen as a result of love & compatibility. They expect that maintaining connection [for decades]should be easy because they "love each other SO much". [Did you ever realize how ridiculous that sounds before now?]


But then life gets busy, hardships occur, they get used to their partner, caretaking of kids/parents take up time and energy, and they stop doing things they did at the dating each other, listening with compassion, having great bedroom experiences, spending quality time together, etc.


And then they wonder why love slowly fades. "I love them but I'm not IN LOVE anymore." :'( Hmmmm....


Loving Couple

Well, let's not let that happen! Let's DO something. We need to spend more time on our marriage than we would to plan a party! [And no, just hanging out together does NOT count.]


We need to be INTENTIONAL with our marriage plans so have a common direction we're both heading. We need to come together as a TEAM of TWO to co-create this plan. We need to.agree on what we're each [separately] and both[together] going to do. We need to be inspired by what CAN BE to help us out of our rut [or to make sure we don't ever get into one].

Join us for an incredible in-person event that will take your love story to the next level! Planning out recurring rituals of intimacy & connection w/ your partner is a major key to co-creating the type of relationship and sex life of your with more PLAY, LOVE, and INTIMACY. ...and whatever else is important to the two of you!



At UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE STORY, we'll dive into the importance of intentional intimacy planning for your marriage. We will explore strategies, tips, and techniques to strengthen your bond and create a more fulfilling relationship for this next year. You'll get some examples of how you can create these in your relationship...annnnnnd you and your partner will have time to start your INTENTION PLAN for this next year. We'll discuss how to get back on track when you and your partner wander of the path.


During this Extraordinary Event:

  1. Your Love Muse will guide you through interactive workshop, discussions, and activities that will help you discover new ways to nurture intimacy in your marriage.

  2. You'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded couples who are also looking to enhance their love stories [but you don' t have to share with the group].

  3. You'll have private time to PLAN your next intentional year of marriage with your partner.

  4. We'll come together at the end to celebrate our accomplishments and some may share their AHA moments if they wish.



Whether you're dating, engaged, newlyweds or have been together for years, this UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE STORY event is designed for couples at any stage of their relationship. We ALL warmly welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, lifestyle, or socioeconomic status, or color of socks you have on...if you're even wearing any. lol This is non-negoitable.

Don't miss out on this chance to invest in your marriage and start re-creating a comeback love story that lasts a lifetime. Mark your calendars and get ready to embark on an incredible journey of love and growth...right before Valentine's Day! X

What's on YOUR list this year?

Presented by:
Erica Sandquist, Tampa Love Muse

Founder & CEO at The Love Relationshop, LLC

~  relationship nerd, leader, educator, & life coach ~

Tampa Love Muse inspires & supports conscious-minded people in defining, creating, & then maintaining their "happily ever after" by improving relationship & communication skills for more play, love, AND intimacy thru The Love Relationshop, LLC!

  Creator of Couples Events

            since 2021 --> Florida


Creator of Singles Events 

            since 2013 -->  Seattle, Spokane, Florida


 Class Creator & Presenter

            since 2013 --> Seattle, Minnesota, Spokane, Florida


 Communication & Business Coach

            training + internship 

            2012-4, Seattle

            2015-7 Minnesota


Yakov Smirnoff's Assistant

            PBS Taping of "Happliy Ever Laughter"

            2016-17 --> Minnesota, California

            [see photo & stories below]


  Trained to be a Law of Attraction Coach



 Trained to be a Life Coach 

            specializing in relationships

            training + internship 

            2012-14, Seattle


 Started Researching Relationship & Communication Skills

            since 2005 -->Seattle, Minnesota, Spokane, & Florida


  Educator for 25+ years

            Minnesota,  Seattle, Spokane, Florida


  Master's Degree in Learning & Teaching 2000

            Saint Mary's University, Minnesota, 4.0 GPA

                   Thesis:  Using Brain Theory, Learning Styles, 

                   Multiple Intelligences, & Cooperative Learning 

                    in the your Classroom Daily


 Teacher's Degree in Elementary Education 1996

            Bemidji State University, Minnesota, 3.75 GPA

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