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COMING SOON in 2024-5!

Until then, read more about what ENGAGING DATES is!


Co-creating your "Happily Ever After" Plan w/ support!

❤ ENGAGING DATES is a dating series of meaningful, interactive classes/workshops specifically tailored to guide ENGAGED couples through the TOUGH  conversations BEFORE THE VOWS so they both know to what they are saying "I DO".  Couples get clarity of the long-term relationship they are each envisioning & DEFINE what their happily ever after looks like . . .  and come up with their PLAN for when  [NOT IF] things get tough.


Deciding on getting married is exciting, romantic, and fun and seems like everything will be wonderful forever because you're so in love!  And now you get to pick out the date, colors, themes, dresses, tuxes, rings, honeymoon, gifts, entertainment, venue,...the list goes on and on!  HOW EXCITING!!!

Unfortunately almost everyone who has gotten marriage thought LOVE could conquer all.  Often times we gloss over important differences, red flags, and conversations because it seems like love can conquer all, you're not going to make the mistakes your parents did, . . . and, well, I know no one is perfect.

Most couples will never have the important conversations OR they wait until it's too late to be "100% honest". They are expecting a fairy tale ending or fairy dust to magically fix it all. [We call it "magical thinking" and while it is a nice thought, it is not realistic.] This is why the divorce rate and marriage dissatisfaction is SO high! Let's not fool ourselves when going through in the honeymoon bliss period. There WILL be problems and conflicts.

HOW a couple addresses  conflicts is the number one determination of success or failure in a relationship.  

Sign up today!  Classes starting soon.  We only run them 2x per year.

Take this series to increase your marriage success rate, satisfaction, and happiness!  Join us so you and your partner can UPLEVEL your "couple skills" to become the BEST  PARTNERS POSSIBLE for each other so the next 20, 40, 60+ years are incredible!  Annnnd. . . you'll be light years ahead of your peers by working through these questions NOW at the beginning of your relationship.  You'll learn the skills to work through the problems and conflicts as they arise.  Instead of pushing each other away, you and your partner can actually grow closer with each conflict.  

You'll also learn about the SECOND most important thing in a marriage.

Why do we spend SO much time and money on rings, weddings, and honeymoons... 

but not on the the relationships themselves?

Is the high divorce rate a consequence of this?
Do YOU want to beat the odds and start off on the right foot?  
Are you ready to jump in with an open heart, an open mind, open dialogue, and a PLAN for when life throws curveballs?

   Divorce Stats

Divorce HURTS in more ways than one...especially when multiple lives [couple, children, families, friends, etc.] get torn apart from the split.  And the COST of DIVORCE is more than jst the $$$.  An article about divorce isn't probably expected in a business that celebrates LOVE, but facts and stats are IMPORTANT and marriages take real work. Researchers estimate that most marriages will end in divorce or separation. 

  • 41% of all first marriages end in divorce

  • 60% of second marriages end in divorce

  • 73% of all third marriages end in divorce

Below is a link to an article titled "Divorce Statistics: Over 115 Studies, Facts and Rates for 2020" by Wilkinson & Finkbeiner Family Law Attorneys in San Diego, CA.

And even those who stand the "test of time" and stay married, is it a HAPPY healthy marriage?

 How many happy, healthy married couples do you know? Not very many?

Authenticity & Integrity

"Our marriage is successful because we spent so much time, energy, and money on our wedding day!" 

said no cute old couple EVER!

We help you build a strong, healthy FOUNDATION of a shared vision for your lives together.Find out what you and your sweetheart truly desire in terms of money, working, living, children, family, vacationing, saving money, retirement. 


 We walk you through the tough conversations that NEED to be had in a fun, light hearted way where there is no wrong answer ... just the the much needed truth to be able to move forward in integrity and authenticity. 


 Unfortunately most couples will never have these important conversations . . . which is why the divorce rate is SO high! Take this series to increase your marriage success rate, satisfaction, and happiness!


  Engaging Dates is a series of dates specifically designed for engaged couples to help you determine for yourselves if you are a compatible match for the happy, healthy, long-term relationship you each want . . . and identify the areas you'll need more communication and support as you continue .

  Through our non-judgmental workshops, you'll learn how to improve communication with each other by defining and understanding what each wants at a deeper level . . . and then co-creating plans for a beautiful shared life .

   Having the hard conversations NOW and working through what each of you believes marriage is and what you want, helps you to build a STRONG foundation. This increases the chance of having a happy, healthy relationship AND love life where you both feel loved, cherished, and respected.

[PART 1 is a prerequisite for PART 2.  

Save $ by purchasing PARTS 1 & 2 together.]

This is a GREAT present for the newly engaged couple  from family members and friends regardless of how long they've been together or how old the couple is .

PART ONE: 8 Dates + Homework

Ask the hard questions . . . work through the answers together.

In Part One, experienced relationship coaches guide you & your partner through the HARD conversations you NEED to have with each other BEFORE the marriage vows! Although it is invaluable for the relationship, it is also absolutely crucial to each participant individually .

Learn about yourself AND each other so you keep what's great in your relationship as you dig deep to address your assumptions, hopes, fears, dreams, and hearts' true desires! Although this description is short, this is deep and intense work that will pay off for each person in ways you can't even imagine .

Research shows that by doing what we teach, you'll:

  • laugh more

  • support each other more

  • get more affection & sex*

  • be more likely to stay together

  • dramatically reduce the odds of divorce

(*Over a lifetime, that alone makes this series worth it!)

PART TWO: 8 Dates + Homework

Co-Create Your Love Life Together

In Part Two, experienced relationship coaches walk you & your fiancé through our signature workshops before your marriage vows so you both know to what you're saying "I DO".

You'll have a bigger picture, a stronger foundation, and a healthier understanding of each other's expectations resulting in less fighting, more laughter and sex, and decreased chance of divorce.

PLUS, with our workshop series specifically tailored to engaged couples, you'll learn and practice the most important relationship skills.  Most importantly, together you'll come up with a REAL PLAN for when things get REAL--not just the MAGICAL THINKING PLAN that "love will make your relationship last"! 


[Don't worry, we'll teach you and you'll practice in a safe space!]

Our Signature Workshops included in this series:

~ these are specifically tailored to engaged couples ~

  • My Love Map 

  • Plotting Our Journey Together

  • Accountability & "Contracts" 

Perspective is EVERYTHING!

We know what you're thinking! You think this series is just for those "young whippersnappers" who are still wet behind the ears. While this is 100% true that this is great for the younger generation, recent studies have shown that millennials are choosing to wait longer to get married and staying married longer. Why? Because they are trying to not make the same mistakes the older generation did. Therefore this is an awesome jumpstart for them.

 Did you know that people actually get WORSE at staying in a marriage the more often they're married? The rate of divorce actually increases dramatically for second and third marriages!  Therefore this is also amazing for those in mid life or late life.

Researchers estimate that most marriages will end in divorce or separation:

  •    41% of all first marriages end in divorce,

  •    60% of second marriages end in divorce, and

  •    73% of all third marriages end in divorce


So while initially it seems that this series would be best for the youngest "soon-to-be-newlyweds", no matter what age group you are currently in, this is a much needed resource to increase your odds of staying happily married...or realizing you're just not right for each other before nuptials.

This series covers :

  •  conversations we don't think to have

  • topics we haven't processed through  ourselves yet

  • questions we are too afraid/shy to ask 

  • answers we don't want to hear 

  • assumptions we made that the other person thinks exactly like us

  • assumptions that we KNOW the kind of  life that the other person is picturing and wanting 

While life can throw a lot of variables our way, there are a few KEY things that can help a couple have a better chance of making it. 

Research shows that by doing what we teach in this series you'll:

  • laugh more

  • support each other more

  • get more affection &  sex*

  • be more likely to stay together

  • dramatically reduce the odds of divorce

(*Over a lifetime, that alone makes this series worth it!)

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