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specializing in helping singles get READY for

a happy, healthy relationship

by focusing on healing themselves FIRST

@ The Love Relationshop

to support conscious quality people in defining,
co-creating, & then maintaining their

happily ever after plan"
for happier, healthier relationships filled with more play, love, and intimacy by learning to articulate their desires and take radical responsibility for their reactions & responses!


​Your relationships are a reflection of YOU. So what do your past intimate relationships say about YOU?

Yikes!  Are you showing up in your relationships in the ways you intended when you met and fell in love"?!

How do you improve your relationship and communication skills
so you don't keep repeating the same TOXIC patterns?

Where do you start?  The Love Relationshop specializes in helping people
take a deep dive into personal development to get the confidence
to get 
into healthy relationships through our education, coaching, support, and community to grow together! 

NOTE: Our singles program, SINGLES MEET MARKET includes all mentioned above
but you can also opt for just private or group coaching packages.

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  • private coaching [one-to-one]

  • group coaching for singles--gender based [one-to-many]

  • group coaching for singles [one-to-many]

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This option is for 1 person.

[one-to-many combination:
group of men only;
group of women only]

Group Coaching

Gender Based

[one-to--many combination:
single men & single women,
all together]

Group Coaching

  • in person

  • online*/phone*

  • 12 months*

  • 6 months

  • one payment* [save money]

  • monthly payments

OPTIONS--pick one from each category:

*most cost & time effective choices.

To make the most gain, a 12 month contract is recommended.  Afterall, you got where you are over years [or possibly even decades]

so it takes awhile to unravel old habits, then learn and practice new intrapersonal AND interpersonal communication skills.  By choosing a 12 month package, you'll actually be paying less per month than if you did a 6 month contract.  We do that to acknowledge and support you in your commitment to change...and to show you that we're here for YOU.  We have your back.  You will also get a price break by paying for the full contract all at once because it cuts down our admin time by 92% and a discount by using cash since it cuts out about 5% in fees! 

Private in-person coaching is an option but is most expensive package and is limited to the Tampa/St. Pete area in Florida. 

This option is well over triple the private online/phone option as it adds more time and expenses like fuel to the total cost.

Perhaps coaching is too time consuming or expensive for your budget?
We're starting classes to help SINGLES co-create happier, healthier relationships by learning & practicing new EQ skills!

​Relationships are a reflection of what do your relationships say about YOU?  You are the common denominator.  Since it all starts and ends with YOU, look for common characteristics and +/-  feelings in your different relationships ...and that's what you start working on first. Where are the feelings of DISCOMFORT, UNEASE, and TRIGGERS? 

Someone else is NOT responsible for activating YOUR trigger[s] While it is optimal to have someone who cares enough to be EXTRA careful around your sensitive topics/situations, the key is FOR YOU to eliminate your trigger by WORKING THROUGH  IT.  Many people have been taught to "ignore, push away, shove down" those feelings...or that it is someone else's fault for getting triggered. We can do better annnnnnnd in a way that respects everyone around you [including yourself and your feelings which helps you learn to self-regulate] by taking radical responsibility for our own responses AND reactions. Not doing this can lead to disease, sickness, and  feelings of loneliness, frustration, anger, and isolation. Working through it brings the opposite: peace, calm, improved health, love, acceptance, etc.


1. Add knowledge & support [coaching, therapy, books, workshops, classes, programs]
2. Process your thoughts and feelings through talk, thought, and jot [journaling].
3. Then practice your new communication skills, tools, AND strategies by taking radical responsibility for your reactions and responses. 

WE CAN HELP!  For optimal GROWTH, use as many resources as you can to gain different perspectives: coaches, therapists, books, workshops, classes, etc. but don't feel like you have to do it all ...all at once. Growth takes time and consistent effort.

REMEMBER: It doesn't matter how much you learn IF you don't PRACTICE AND USE the healthy relationship and communication skills in real life. Don't be afraid of making mistakes.  The biggest mistake is leading an unfulfilling and unsatisfying life because you were afraid of looking inside at the FEELINGS and feeeeeel them.  The result of "doing the work': become an even better version of yourself and you feeeeeeel goooooood!! Ahhhh

Your relationships are a reflection of YOU...your habits & priorities.
What does the history of your relationships say about you?
We. Can. Help. 

You are not alone! Most relationships have "FAILED"... even marriages have more than a 50% failure rate!

  • the average U.S. marriage only lasts 8 years?!

  • 61% of lonely people are MARRIED?!

  • the #1 reason for divorce [75%!] is "lack of commitment"?!

  • 83% of couples ae DISCONTENT in their marriages?!

  • first marriages have a 40-50% divorce rate, 2nd marriages have a 60-70% divorce rate, and 3rd marriages have a  73% divorce rate?!


Why it's so important to improve your SKILLS :

coming soon

The Love Relationshop is where relationships meet workshops

Coaching by Erica 

Educator, coach, mentor, and leader with 35+ years culminated experience &

a Master's Degree in Teaching & Learning, Erica believes in being able to change your circumstances through LOVE, EDUCATION, ACTION, and FUN.


Erica started creating THE LOVE RELATIONSHOP to host fun, interactive AND educational events so PEOPLE can learn how to get the life/love they desire annnnnd have fun doing so . . .  thus creating WIN WIN WIN situations!


After working with singles for over 10 years, it was on her heart and mind to provide a resource for clients so they could learn how to co-create happier, healthier relationships by starting with taking a good look at themselves, their wants and their needs!

Now COACHING FOR SINGLES is being added a la cart

to help singles get the CONFIDENCE back by working on themselves FIRST!


Join us to UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE and we'll have FUN "doing the work" together!!

What do you want MORE in a relationship?  Here's what other people are saying they want more.
Which ones resonate with you?

  • connection

  • love

  • playfulness

  • intimacy

  • hot sex

  • affection

  • quality time

  • better communication

  • fun

  • massages

  • laughter

  • support

Happy Couple
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