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Most people don't budget for self-development or invest in their relationships!

Did you know that most people spend MORE TIME picking out an insurance provider, a job, a house, a car, OR even a pet than they do picking out a LIFE PARTNER?!?  Isn't that CRAZY? 

Then they settle on a partner SOLELY on physical attraction/chemistry instead of compatibility [physical, intellectual, spiritual, AND emotional compatibility.], communication, collaboration, consideration, safety, trust, autonomy, empathy, understanding, financial goals, and general life design & direction.  Since most people don't budget for self-improvement ... like learning new relationship or communication skills...they end up repeating the same patterns over and over again with new people.  Each time they think the relationship didn't work because of "the other person".  This can be exhausting and frustrating for everyone around them.

And COUPLES tend to spend lots of time and money on the wedding [rings, dress/tux, food/drinks, venue, entertainment, honeymoon, etc.] and life AROUND the relationship [i.e. home, vehicles, vacations, clothes, food, entertainment, utilities, children, etc.]...and then on DIVORCE.

That's because, once married, most couples don't actually BUDGET for dating or improving their marriage even though research shows that by doing things like routinely dating your mate, you will have better communication, more appreciation, more intimacy, better sex, more connection, and less stress!  This is probably why we have over 50% divorce rate in the US...and substantially higher for 2nd, 3rd, 4th marriages


Love Musings By Erica 

Tampa Love Muse

August 2023

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