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Video Killed the Radio Star

Ok folks. I'm ALL IN! I've been building this business from scratch for months now ...from a mere idea that's been brewing and building in my mind for YEARS...and I have AVOIDED doing any an all video and audio. Until now. GULP.

I'm nervous ..or CRAZY ... because I'm the person who has to re-record my outgoing voicemail 100 times before being ""happy enough" to accept it. Truthfully, by the time I finally accepted an outgoing VM message, I'm not sure if I'm happy with the results or just exhausted. And that is after I typed it all up so all I have to do is READ it. [laughing at myself here...oh my goodness. What have I done? lol ]

THIS is SO FAR out of my comfort zone. But I will live. As my good friend Kristi Leeper says, "I can risk because I can recover."

What is all my babbling about? This month, I started my very first YouTube Channel that is meant for the PUBLIC. [GULPING AGAIN!!]

Ok, ok, so nothing is OUT THERE yet. It's been a WHOLE thing just getting the right programs [FREE] and then LEARNING them. Then figuring out what I'm going to SAY. Oh, wait. I need AN INTRO and a summary about my channel. And about me. I need to encourage people to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Then I have to figure out my hair [man, I gotta get in to the beauty shop] and my clothes and my background. Oh. and camera, microphone, and lighting!

I wrote my first article. Made it into a slide presentation. Practiced 25 times. Well, it was SUPPOSED to be the real thing but I messed up so I had to start over again. 25 times and counting. Yeesh.

Well, I did all that. YAY. I know the first couple times are the hardest with almost everything. It's a process.

All I keep singing in my head is that song from the 80s, "Video Killed the Radio Star'.

Well, here I go anyway!!! Wish me luck.




Tampa Love Muse

September 2022

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