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Having [and USING] the Right Tools: Silly Eyeliner Analogy

Ladies, you can definitely relate to this SILLY ANALOGY because it is makeup...but guys get it too when having JUST THE RIGHT TOOL for the job.  For months, I've been using the same eyeliner. It is my favorite color from my Mary Kay collection: STEELY.  It is a perfect blue-gray.  I use a smudge brush after I put on my eyeliner to make it sexy and smoky -- whatever that means!   I've been struggling with my upper lid having too much eyeliner so I go back with a cotton swab and try to make the line narrower.  

One day, I remembered that Mary Kay has been putting little mini sharpeners on the ends of their lip and eye liners.  It's not like it's new.  They've been doing it for years!  So I shrug my shoulders and try it.  

Well, let me tell you, it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world!!  My eyeliner went on SO well: smoothly and  narrow! I was thrilled!  And also I wanted to kick myself. I had had this tool not only the whole time I'd had the eyeliner, but for years I've had the option and never used it.  It made my life easier and my eyes prettier in far less time!

In life, WE KNOW how to do something with the TOOLS and strategies we've learned along the way but we choose to NOT use them for whatever reason.  When we finally DO use them, we are very appreciative of the tool and the time it saved or the job it did.

Most of the time, we know what we SHOULD do to lose weight, get that project done, or improve our relationships but for whatever reasons we don't.  Before you get to the end of your rope, let us help you rediscover how to improve your "love" life!



Tampa Love Muse

“You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” ~Albert Einstein

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