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w/Tampa Love Muse

 this page lists our services and memberships:  cool, smart, and educational stuff !


---->  metaphorically speaking   ;)

If you're serious about improving [areas of] your relationship, start your routine "relationship maintenance" in a fun, romantic, sexy, and educational way with our membership!  

Oh, and did we mention how EASY this is?

You'll learn how to to get your relationship running at its PEAK PERFORMANCE to give you a very smooth [riding] experience.  Most relationships just need some education, support, ATTENTION, and a little FINE TUNING which you can do through The Love  Relationshop, LLC !


Date Your Sole Mate

Package Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you & ​your sweetheart.

Most people don't budget for self-development 

and the divorce rate shows it!

ESPECIALLY once married, most couples don't actually BUDGET for dating or improving their relationship even though research shows that by routinely dating your mate, you will have:

 better communication, 

more appreciation, 

more intimacy, 

better sex, 

more connection, 

and less stress!   

Don't follow the herd...85% are  heading to divorce or mediocre marriages!! 

Join us to DATE YOUR SOLE MATE so they stay your "sole" mate!

Do you offer any military discounts?

Absolutely!  Being a former military wife, I understand the sacrifices made by the whole family...and the toll that deployment can accidently take on the marriage. Because I left my lucrative career to move with my husband's military jobs [and then we got divorced after a 16 year marriage], I lost out on my retirement, insurance, and any financial stability. It'll take me decades to catch up...if I ever do.

For this reason, I want to continue supporting our military families so we will be offering military discounts on our package deals* to [past and present] military men and women who serve[d] our country. I want them to have more skills than we had for staying together in the marriage.

Please contact us with proper ID to get your 10% discount. 

[We plan to raise that percentage as we grow.]

*package deals only--does not include the monthly payment plan

We do not discriminate against any sexual orientation, religious belief, age, race, sex, socioeconomic status, lifestyle choice, OR relationship status.   ALL who want to work on their relationship communication skills with our programs are WARMLY welcomed by EVERYONE!

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