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Erica Tampa Love Muse3 (9).jpg
  • 4-H Junior Leader starting ages 11-18 with countless leadership experiences 

  • leader and mentor in some form all her adult life 

  • classroom teacher for 20+ years but teaching at some level for 30+ years

  • Master's in Teaching & Learning

  • believer in LOVE and that AMAZING relationships take work

  • believer that "doing the work" can be FUN

  • believer in therapy, self-development/self-improvement,  & intentionality

  • believer in a term she coined called co-creationship

  • personal mission to help with improve communication within relationships AND to help clients UPLEVEL from mediocre relationships to exceptional relationships!

  • self-taught entrepreneur [still learning--sometimes the hard]

  • self-proclaimed Tampa Love Muse, and 

  • proud creator of The Love Relationshop, LLC and ALL it's programs

First of all, who is this ERICA chick?

Top 10 Critical Communication Skills for Couples

Love Musings By Erica 

Tampa Love Muse

February 2022

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