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Greater Tampa Bay Area, Florida


             to The Love Relationshop!


w/ Tampa's Love Muse

 BEACH GROUP THERAPY page is where you find out 

when & where CONSCIOUS CREATORS hanging out at the beach together


🌞      Beach  "Group  Therapy"  Events     ⛱️

If you love the beach, then it is probably very therapeutic for you.

[ we practice being present, mindful, grateful, and intentional ]





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Is the BEACH a place that is THERAPEUTIC 

for your mind, body, heart and soul? 

Don't like going alone? 

Want to meet new Florida friends?

Great! Join us for camaraderie of other 

conscious co-creators! 

What does that mean? It just means that we practice being present, mindful, grateful, and INTENTIONAL.

🌞Find us at the 6'x6' blue & white striped umbrella cabana and fabric feather sign that says "WE MEETUP HERE!" [see photo]


🌞You bring whatever YOU need to be comfortable for a few hours in the hot Florida sun:  sunscreen, hat, umbrella/shade, chair, towel, sunglasses, water floats, etc.

🌞There is a volleyball net set up at Sunset Beach if anyone wants to bring a ball or another sport? [I'm not sure how it works to "rent it" so it may or may not be available.]

🌞At 11:11am, we'll do a group activity around INTENTIONS. It's always more powerful as a group.

🌞Following our intentions, we will be doing some interactive activities to up-level our communication skills in an easy, stress-free way. In fact it's SO easy, you will even enjoy it!

Get Notified of All Our Events!

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Find us with the blue and white cabana

 and the feather FLAG that says 

"WE MEETUP HERE" and "Beach Group Therapy"!

15 Min of Guided Square Breathing with Ocean Waves

Breathwork experts describe the box breathing technique used by U.S. Navy SEALs to immediately calm the nervous system.  This is 15 Min of Guided Square Breathing with Ocean Waves. Be calm and get anxiety relief with Jim Donovan


Sunset Beach is a beautiful beach in Tarpon Springs on 11 acres with a volleyball net, food truck, bathrooms, picnic tables, pavilions, playground, boat ramp, and of course BEACH [sand, water, palm trees, sun]!

Ocean Sounds of Rolling Waves

Sleep For 11 Hours Straight, High Quality Stereo Ocean Sounds Of Rolling Waves For Deep Sleeping

Each week, in an interactive activity, we'll be working on a section of:


[Our EQ vs IQ! Here's the list so you know to what I'm referring.]

1. Self Awareness:

  • Emotional Self-Awareness, the ability to know yourself and understand your feelings.
  • Accurate Self-Assessment, understanding your strengths and weaknesses and their effects.
  • Self-Confidence, having faith in yourself and being willing to put yourself forward.

2. Self-Management

  • Emotional Self-Control, an important part of emotional maturity, controlling your feelings and/or expressing them in the appropriate settings is a key skill.
  • Achievement, i.e. being goal-oriented and being able to work toward your goals.
  • Initiative, being self-motivated, and having the ability to keep working despite setbacks.
  • Transparency, being honest and open, interacting with integrity and being trustworthy.
  • Adaptability, showing resilience and the ability to change course when necessary.
  • Optimism, having a positive outlook, hoping for the best and preparing for success.

3. Social Awareness:

  • Empathy, one of the pillars of the ability to form connections with others, understanding and acknowledging others’ emotions.
  • Service Orientation, being helpful, contributing to the group effort, and displaying good listening skills.
  • Organizational Awareness, the ability to explain yourself well and be aware of how you are being understood, as well as sensing the level of comprehension of your audience.

4. Relationship Management:

  • Inspirational Leadership, like being a good mentor, role model, and authority figure.
  • Influence, articulating points in persuasive, clear ways that effectively motivate others.
  • Conflict Management, having the skills to improve relationships, negotiate, and lead. The ability to settle disputes, differences of opinion, and misunderstandings.
  • Change Catalyst, recognizing and supporting the need for change, and making it happen.
  • Developing others, helping others build their skills and knowledge.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration, working with others in an effective manner.

Donations are deeply appreciated & accepted here:

People can see what a difference this business can make on so many lives. A few are even asking how they can help and what they can donate. Any and all donations are deeply appreciated ... & monetary donations are accepted here. You only need a credit or debit card to donate safely and securely through PayPal. [We don't see your cc information.]

Your donation goes towards paying some of the business expenses incurred to get this business off the ground and to keep it going like: websites [$500/year], CRM [$100/year], photography [$360/year], landing pages, advertising, business cards & flyers [$1000/year], ZOOM [$200/year], Meetup Organizers memberships [$200/year], Eventbrite [$100/mo], etc.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!  Erica